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Apple Quietly Updates Apple TV, Offers Purchase Option for TV Shows

Apple has given an early treat to its Apple TV customers in the UK, Canada and Australia by releasing an over-the-air update for the platform that allows users in those countries to buy and download TV shows.

Apple TV users, except in the US, were only capable of streaming TV show rented through iTunes. But, now according to various reports these limitations have been lifted from UK, Canada and Australia.

The new feature hasn't be officially confirmed by Apple as yet, and the reports are based on what users have been seeing lately on their Apple TV boxes.

The STB device was launched by the Cupertino based iPad maker in the year 2010 but, hasn't managed to garner much attention. There were suggestions floating around on the web that Apple should kill this device. Apple is rumoured to be making iTV with Siri technology for voice control to replace the Apple TV.

The shows that are available are not just rentals but full purchase that cost anywhere between free and $2.49 a show. If you are in one of those countries and have an Apple TV, you can apply the update by going to Settings > General > Update.