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Businesses Embrace Desktop Virtualisation for Security Reasons, Citrix Survey Reveals

Businesses are increasingly adopting desktop virtualisation platforms primarily because of the security these platforms offer.

In a survey conducted by Citrix, most businesses cited security as the primary reason for moving to desktop virtualisation.

The survey revealed that 55 percent of businesses plan to deploy desktop virtualisation by 2013; 86 percent citing security as the primary reason to do so.

The top reasons for moving to desktop virtualisation were ‘secure access for mobile and user owned devices' followed by ‘increased app and data security', ‘business agility for an increasingly mobile workforce' and ‘simplified risk management,' as reported by Network World.

"Desktop virtualisation delivers centralised control and management of desktops, applications and data delivered to any endpoint device. It also offers granular, policy-based access control and supports compliance requirements," said chief security strategist for Citrix, Kurt Roemer.

"It embeds an important infrastructure level of information governance that enhances risk management across information security and compliance," he added.