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Carrier IQ is a Keylogger Says Schmidt

Google's executive chairman Eric Schmidt, while talking at the Internet freedom conference in the Netherlands, disassociated his company from Carrier IQ's software, describing the technology as keylogger.

Schmidt said that Carrier IQ's software is a keylogger which "actually does keep your keystrokes." reported Reuters. Schmidt commented that, "We certainly don't work with them and we certainly don't support it."

It is not clear whether the claims made by Schmidt describing Carrier IQ to be a keylogger are based out of independent knowledge of this software or on the basis of the recent claims made by Trevor Eckhart, a security researcher.

In November, Eckhart said that Carrier IQ's software is a keylogger which can be utilised by wireless carriers to perform extensive as well as surreptitious tracking of smartphone owners.

This report initiated huge controversy that embroiled many handset makers and wireless carriers including Sprint, HTC, Samsung, AT&T, Apple and T-Mobile. In fact, an investigation of the software by US Federal Trade Commission was also speculated.

The Google's executive chairman clarified that the search giant has no connection with this controversial software.