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Dead Rising 3 to Address Illegal Immigration?

Dead Rising 3 has been confirmed and is likely to be set in the fictional town of "Los Perdidos" in California - with hints at strong undertones of illegal immigration.

Capcom's Facebook post gave the first hint of the next title in the series, a message from Dead Rising protagonist Frank West. "I'm getting packing for my new adventure - camera, notebook and baseball bat. What else would I need for a break in paradise? - Frank."

Siliconera came up with more details, saying that Los Perdidos is locked down after the outbreak, with the main player character - Rick - working with the last few survivors to try and escape the undead threat. Apparently he's an orphan and works as a mechanic, with far less confidence than the last two Dead Rising protagonists.

The main plot for the game is to repair a plane enough to escape the area before the entire town is destroyed by "a bomb." That sounds like a lot of fetch quests to me. Go there, get the part, come back. Repeat.

One of the more interesting themes of the game though, is the undercurrent of illegal immigration. A character called Red will apparently lead a group of "illegals", infected that aren't registered with the government. Presumably users will have some sort of moral choice about whether to help these people or dispose of them in the same way as any other zombie.

While the game has yet to be officially announced, it's likely to be unveiled at E3 next year with some more viral and hinted releases coming before that. monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.