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Failed NHS IT Project to Cost Another £2 Billion

British tax payers will have to shell out another £2 billion for the failed NHS IT project, it has been revealed.

The money has to be a paid to a US based IT services provider despite the fact that the project has been scrapped by the UK government.

According to Daily Mail, Computer Sciences Corporation told Wall Street analysts that it expects to be paid £2 billion more for the project, which was supposed to cost £11.4 billion.

The NHS IT project, the largest public sector IT project, when it was announced, was aimed at digitising patients' records with the NHS facilitating doctors to access the medical records of their patients from wherever they are.

The US corporation said in a filing with the US Securities and Exchange Commission that it expects the UK Department of Health to approve the extension of its contract despite the delays, which might make the deal profitable for the company. This revelation about extension comes despite the fact that UK Health Secretary Andrew Lansley announced, back in September, that the project has been abandoned.