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Fortune Claims Bill Gates Returning to Microsoft, Larry Cohen Refutes

A report on Fortune claiming the Bill Gates was planning to return to Microsoft has been shot down.

An article on Fortune, citing a prominent CEO who had in turn heard it from a source close to Bill Gates, claimed that the company's co-founder and one of the richest man in the world, was planning to return at the helm of Microsoft.

The magazine claimed that Gates returning as the CEO of the company he help found with Paul Allen, could give a much needed boost to its share price, which is refusing to budge despite the success Office, Windows 7 and Xbox have enjoyed.

Larry Cohen, Bill Gates' chief of staff, has said that there was not a single grain of truth in the Fortune article. He did say that Gates sometimes works with product teams in an on-off basis but is devoting his full time to his philanthropic efforts for the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Bill Gates has repeatedly made it clear that he won't be resuming full time work at Microsoft and has insisted that his work at the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation was his job now.

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has lost confidence with the company's shareholders who are worried about Microsoft's static share prices.