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Google Celebrates 10 Billion App Downloads with 10-Cent Apps for 10 Days

The third day of Google's celebration for 10 billion app downloads milestone achieved by Android Market includes 10 more premium apps for 10 cents.

The company, to mark the important milestone, announced that for 10 days, select premium apps available on the Android Market will be offered for 10 cents. Google is adding a new set of 10 apps every day and will continue to do so for 10 days.

Apps offered on the third day of the celebration include Blue Skies Donation Wallpaper, Homerun Battle 3D, Reckless Getaway, Talking Tom Cat 2, Kids Learn to Read (Preschool), ADWLauncher EX, Space Physics, Toki Tor, iCan Knockdown 2 and TETRIS, found on the Android Market website.

All of the above mentioned apps are available at a discount rate of 10 cents, under Google's offer.

The company, after announcing the milestone, claimed that a million apps are downloaded from Android Market every single day. This past summer Google announced the number of apps downloaded via Android Market had reached 6 billion.

Android currently dominates the US smartphone market, with many analysts claiming that it will soon dominate the tablet market as well.