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Greenplum to Introduce Unified Analytics Platform

Greenplum, data-warehousing appliance maker, has disclosed that they are preparing to mash up their data-warehousing software along with OEMed distribution of Hadoop big data muncher to set up a single uber data platform. This new data platform will be called the Unified Analytics platform.

Ideally, the clusters of x86 servers which run any data warehouse are also capable of running Hadoop alternately via rapid reprovisioning and at a concurrent state on the same clusters according to workload demands.

The clusters will be managed by a single set of tools and will provide a medium for fast transporting data from relational databases to the Hadoop Distributed File system or the HBase add-on for HDFS and such other data service, as reported by the Register.

A number of data analytics services from IBM, OK, Oracle and Teradata are trying to convince customers about their capabilities. Greenplum, in an effort to compete with these and other big-name companies with even bigger reputations, declared earlier this year that they would introduce their own open source along with a beefed up version of Hadoop.