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iPhone Dock with 10,000 Watt Speakers! Behringer iNuke Boom is Here

If you're looking for an iPhone or iPod dock with a bit more oomph (say, enough to fill a small football stadium), you might consider the Behringer iNuke Boom - although, you you'll probably need to move as far away from any neighbours as possible, because the iNuke Boom is as powerful as the name suggests.

This music system, which has obviously been designed for a publicity stunt, is the loudest, largest and most powerful iPhone accessory you could imagine; iNuke Boom weighs in at 700 pounds, it is 8 feet wide and 4 feet high, and has a power output of 10,000 watts, What HiFi reports.

Behringer's new creation, which will be on show at CES 2012 in January, is said to concert sound quality, which you might expect at a cost of $30,000.

Uli Behringer, founder and CEO of the audio and music equipment firm based in Germany, said: "When I started Behringer 22 years ago my goal was to provide musicians with high quality equipment at an affordable price."

For those who find the iNuke Boom not all that affordable or perhaps just a tad too bulky, the company will be releasing a scaled-down audio accessory range called Eurosound.

“With the launch of EUROSOUND we are challenging ourselves to share the incredible sound and quality we have worked so hard to craft over the last two decades with all music and audio enthusiasts,” Behringer said.

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