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Late News: Schmidt Criticises Carrier IQ, Gates Not Coming Back to Microsoft, Twitter Website Redesigned

Google's executive chairman Eric Schmidt, while talking at the Internet freedom conference in the Netherlands, disassociated his company from Carrier IQ's software, describing the technology as keylogger. Schmidt said that Carrier IQ's software is a keylogger which "actually does keep your keystrokes."

A report on Fortune claiming the Bill Gates was planning to return to Microsoft has been shot down. An article on Fortune, citing a prominent CEO who had in turn heard it from a source close to Bill Gates, claimed that the company's co-founder and one of the richest man in the world, was planning to return at the helm of Microsoft.

Twitter has introduced new user interface changes that make it easier for people to access profile information and view message streams. The company said that the UI changes, biggest in the last five years, will allow users to explore and discover more content, making Twitter the go-to social destination for all.

Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) is set to launch the next generation AM3+ chip in Q3 2012. It's currently codenamed Vishera and will use an improved Bulldozer core known as Piledriver. It's got stiff competition though, as it'll be going up against Intel's Ivy Bridge, which will use the new 22nm manufacturing process.

Google is once again following in Facebook's footsteps, rolling out a new facial recognition system to its Google+ social networking service. Announced by Google+ Photos engineering lead Matt Steiner, the new update - dubbed Find My Face - will roll out to all Google+ users over the next few days, allowing them to tag their images more quickly.