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Microsoft Partners with GE to Help Health Care Organisations Provide Better Patient Care

If all goes well, then an ambitious joint venture, planned by Microsoft and GE, will combine the power of the software giant to develop a large scale data platform and GE's Healthcare's expertise to create health care apps.

The announcement came on Wednesday when the two companies formed a new company to be based somewhere near Microsoft's Redmond campus.

The basic concept behind creating the alliance is to create a system which enables health care organisations to keep better track of individual patients and to make better sense of huge amounts of data. Hopefully, the new plan also will also deliver improved health care at a lower cost.

Tracking patient information can be complex due to the amount of information on record. Better tracking could lower overhead costs and make the entire system more efficient. This is a huge undertaking and a necessary one.

The new company, yet to be named, will consist of 750 employees. It is still needs to receive approval from antitrust regulators in many countries. According to Microsoft company officials, approval may be granted in early 2012. If so, then the venture will be launched in spring 2012, reports the Seattle Times.