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New Details about Apple’s 'Spaceship' HQ Released

More details have been released regarding Apple's new ‘spaceship' headquarters. The significance of this plan is that it was the last project taken up by the Apple co-founder late Steve Jobs.

The preparation of plans for the new headquarter began towards the end of February this year, which was around Steve Jobs birthday.

As per the plan, pink and white plum blossoms will be enhancing the beauty of different trees located at the centre of Apple's new campus. After the blossoms it is the turn of cherry trees which will be scattered very strategically all along the walkways and also at the edges of the open glades. Visitors coming for product instructions to the headquarters will be walking by the path decorated with cherry trees reported Forbes.

There will be a fountain, gardens, an open air amphitheatre, a dinning terrace surrounded by grove of apricot trees, apple orchards, and stands of plum trees.

The entire roof of the new HQ will be covered with solar panels and 9to5mac estimates that the new campus would be the largest solar power generators in the US.

According seen in rendered images, Apple is going to cover the exterior of the building with curved glass and it has revealed that landscaping would make up 80% of the 150-acre site.