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Refurbished iPhone 4 Goes On Sale For £280

For those looking for a cheap iPhone 4, online retailer SmartfoneStore is selling a fully refurbished model for only £280 (locked on T-Mobile).

This is an 8GB iPhone 4, the one which was released in October 2011, which means that it comes with a guarantee that will last for another 10 months regardless of the owner. SmartfoneStore also offers 60 days warranty on the handset.

Other models are available from all the other major networks, all of them with 16GB and available for £15 extra. Reports claim that they do not come with all of the original Apple accessories or the posh iPhone box and that the phones are more often than not in pristine condition.

The iPhone 4 has now been superseded by the iPhone 4S which was launched last month. The handset, which was the first to come with a 960x640 pixel screen, upped the ante for rivals like Samsung and LG.

Technically, the phone is significantly inferior to similarly priced smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy S2, but yet manages to vastly outsell them partly due to its most powerful unique selling point, the iOS operating system and the App Store.

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