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Study Reveals Twitter Did Not Contribute to Summer Riots in UK

A recent study contradicts UK government claims that social networks help to fuel the riots that broke out last summer. The study proved that Twitter did not incite rioters, but that the site had been utilised as a tool for various positive works.

The study, conducted by the Joint Information Systems Committee a research group comprised of educators from various universities in the UK, determined that Twitter was not used as a tool to encourage UK people to riot - but it was utilised for mobilising the post-riot cleanup.

Rob Procter, a professor at the University of Manchester and leader of the study said, "Politicians and commentators were quick to claim that social media played an important role in inciting and organising riots, calling for sites such as Twitter to be closed should events of this nature happen again," reports Computer World.

The study included analysing various tweets posted during the period of rioting. The riots started in August after a 29 year old man was shot to death by police. Very rapidly rioting as well as looting spread to many places across the UK. The riots not only shook up the country, but also drew the attention of the whole world.