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T-Mobile to Release Nokia 810 Lumia and Nokia 710 in US

T-Mobile will soon release two Nokia Windows Phone 7 based devices in the U.S.

The high end Nokia 810 Lumia and the mid-market Nokia 710 are currently available only in Europe. These phones are the first of several Windows Phone smartphones that Nokia plans to release in partnership with Microsoft.

Tech blog WPCentral has discovered the manual for the Nokia 710 on the Federal Communications Commission website.

This discovery indicates that Nokia is teaming up with T-Mobile to release the Nokia 710 in the US market at an event in New York next week.

CNET points out that Nokia and T-Mobile share a close partnership which goes back several years.

Even when other wireless carriers neglected Nokia, T-Mobile continued to offer its smartphones. Perhaps this is the reason why Nokia chose T-Mobile as its launch partner for the first Nokia Windows Phone 7 device in the United States.

Nokia's Windows Phone devices have gotten mixed reactions from the market, some people like them, others do not. However, the phones don't do anything spectacular which might not catch the attention of iPhone and Android users, over even rookie smartphone owners.