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Windows 8 Beta Released February 2012

A Microsoft executive has confirmed the beta version of the Windows 8 operating system will be released in February.

According to The Register, Antoine Leblond, vice-president of Windows web services, made the announcement at the end of the preview of the Windows 8 App Store.

"We're going to open the store to customers when we release the beta of Windows 8, and that's going to be in late February 2012," said Leblond.

The Windows 8 operating system is Microsoft's attempt to make a mark in the tablet market. The OS will come with the Metro UI, made famous by Windows Phone 7, to be used on touch enabled tablet devices.

The company will also introduce the Windows 8 App Store, which will offer apps meant for the tablet devices powered by the operating system.

The OS was expected to launch by the end of 2012, but judging by the February beta release, the launch might come sooner than expected.

Microsoft has failed to comment on Leblond's revelation and the company has been keeping mum on the date of the launch of the first beta. This is a very exciting time for the company and fans of Microsoft products, especially tablet devices.