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Apple Loses iPad Patent Lawsuit, Samsung Free to Sell Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Australia

Apple has suffered another setback in its long-running legal war with its frenemy Samsung.

After recently having lost a trademark case in a Chinese court relating to the use of the 'iPad' name in its second largest market, now an Australian court has ruled in favour of Samsung, allowing the South Korean company to sell its Galaxy tablets downunder, the Daily Mail reports.

Australia's highest court considered that Samsung Electronics had not blatantly copied Apple's iPad and iPhone designs in its tablets and smartphones, as was the accusation. Consequently, Samsung can now sell its Galaxy Tab 10.1 and hope for good sales this holiday season.

Similar cases in the US, Germany and the Netherlands have also gone Samsung's way.

The Galaxy Tab 10.1 is an Android powered tablet, thinner than the iPad, though its new found freedom is not expected to produce a huge market shift. Top of the range tablets, including the iPad and Galaxy Tab 10.1, are facing a number of new, more affordable contenders, with the Amazon Kindle Fire leading the charge.

The legal battle between the two giants started in April in the US and has since spread all round the world to more than 10 countries. Apple accuses Samsung of 'slavishly copying' the product design, user interface and packaging of the iPad and iPhone in its range of Galaxy devices.

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