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iPad 3 to be Unveiled in Mid-Late February

If you are looking forward to the release of the next generation iPad and you've set your reminder for sometime in March, you might be a little late.

Apple will be introducing its new tablet earlier than everybody expected according to a research note from Citi, which claims "several sources" have indicated the next iPad will arrive in February.

Citi Analyst Richard Gardner says Apple will not keep to its typical schedule of releasing a product a year after the previous model, but that the new tablet would come up to a month earlier, PCMag reports.

The iPad 2 was available in the US from 11th March this year, and if the present report is correct we can expect the iPad 3 launch in mid to late February 2012.

Industry observers are suggesting the event could be around about the 24th February, which would have been Steve Jobs' 57th birthday, in honour of the former CEO.

The iPad 2 itself was actually released a few weeks ahead of the 12-month cycle, 11 and a bit months after the unveiling of the original iPad.

The release date might have moved earlier than reports had suggested, due to the fact that the well-publicised manufacturing problems have been solved.

Citi analyst Gardner writes, "there do not appear to be any significant technical hurdles remaining."

Over the past few months there were numerous reports of Apple having serious problems in the supply chain with the high-resolution displays.

In the past 3 or 4 weeks any inklings of such problems seem to have disappeared, and we can expect the iPad 3 to have a screen with double the resolution of the iPad 2, Gardner says (confirming earlier reports).

But, then again, it would not be the first time Apple has been toying with everybody's expectations (or allowing them to be strung along). Let's not forget the iPhone 5 / 4S saga, with the expected 'iPhone 5' release in the summer; of course, it turned out to be the 4S, and not until October, 16 months after the iPhone 4.

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