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Android, BlackBerry Smartphone Users can't Resist iPad's Allure

A recent survey reveals that owners of BlackBerry, Android and Windows Phone smartphones are prepared to compromise their loyalty when it comes to choosing a tablet: with Apple's iPad being the object of their affection, Forbes reports.

The results may surprise some who would expect people to opt for a tablet with the same operating system as their preferred smartphone, in order to share certain apps and have a more consolidated user experience.

Maritz Research's survey of 2,500 smartphone owners across the US, invited them to respond to the question of which tablet they would buy from a list of 14 choices.

BlackBerry owners were the most categoric in their preference for Apple's tablet, as 53% of them opted for an iPad. Another 12% of BlackBerry owners chose the Kindle Fire and 11% of them declared they would buy Samsung's Galaxy Tab. Only 8.5% were attracted to the BB PlayBook.

Android handset users also favoured Apple's iPad with 41% of the vote, over the Galaxy Tab (19%) and Kindle Fire (15%) - both of which run on Android (it should be ponted out). Among Windows Mobile smartphone owners the survey showed a similar predilection towards the iPad, as 40% of the respondents declared.

iPhone users themselves were unsurprisingly a bit more loyal, with 77% saying they would go for an iPad; the Kindle Fire with 8% and Galaxy Tab with 5% were the next most popular.

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