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£200.02 Zoostorm Intel Pentium Dual Core E5800 1TB Desktop

Christmas is just round the corner and online retailers are making sure that consumers get the expected cost savings - be it shopping for their home or for their offices. One such cost saving offer comes for the Zoostorm Desktop that not only comes with amazing specifications but, also is fairly low priced.

Based on the Intel mATX PC architecture, the Zoostorm Desktop is ideal for not only home usage but also for small office needs. Packed with Intel Pentium Dual Core E5800 Processor with clock speeds of 3.2Ghz, the desktop would surely fulfil all your computing and entertainment needs without the tinniest room for any complain.

The onboard 4GB DDR3 RAM makes sure that the processor gets enough support to be able to deliver optimum performance. Beyond the processor and the RAM, 1TB SATA II hard drive would not only let you store massive amounts of digital content, you may even partition the drive and have a backup drive on the system itself thus eliminating the need for an external drive.

If you still think that the HDD is getting full, worry not as the Super multi DVDRW would let you burn all the extra data onto DVDs. Beyond the desktop tower, nothing else is included (not even an operating system) but for the price no one should have any complaints.

People wanting to do more would need a lot of ports on the desktop to connect to and the Zoostorm Desktop delivers just that. 6xUSB 2.0, Ethernet, VGA, PS2 Keyboard, PS2 Mouse, Serial Port, etc. are some of the connectivity options that you will get.

eBuyer is offering the Zoostorm Intel Pentium Dual Core E5800 1TB Desktop for £200.02.