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3G streaming comes to BBC iPlayer app on Apple iPhone and iPod Touch devices

The British Broadcasting Corporation has released a new version of its iPlayer application for the Apple iOS, which now allows for the streaming of live television and radio channels over 3G and WIFI for the first time.

BBC's iPlayer mobile software now offers media streaming, across all the mobile phone networks where in the past on WIFI was possible on the Apple iPad iPlayer.

The 1.3 version of the app also has a live channel switcher, besides supporting live playback of BBC television channels and radio.

This is for flicking between channels, just as if you are in front of the TV set itself from a ‘Live Channels' button.

Apple's AirPlay is also supported, in products running the iOS 5 platform, where it is possible to watch BBC programmes on Apple TV as well.

The BBC iPlayer has already been installed more than 1.5 million times on Apple iPads, where the Beeb unveiled in October that 16.5 million programmes were watched on mobile devices - up 129-percent, from 2010.

BBC iPlayer application is now available from the iTunes app store here, with support for iPod touch, iPhone 3GS devices and above running the iOS 4.3.

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