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Amazon Kindle Fire Updates Coming Soon

Following criticism from reviewers and consumers, Amazon has decided to launch software updates for the new Kindle Fire. The updates, which arrive in a couple of weeks, will address many of these user complaints and criticisms.

There were very high expectations from Amazon's Kindle Fire which hit the market November due to its considerably low price as compared to similar devices. However, soon after its launch, the tablet faced criticism for being "sluggish and jerky" so much so that it was being called "ornery."

Some users have complained the device lacks external volume control, pages need additional time to load, disappointing placement of on/off switch, and lack of parental control facility.

Amazon is well aware of these complaints, however, and has already started working on them. Company spokesman Drew Herdener confirmed that a much anticipated update is on its way and will be made available in "less than two weeks."

These updates are expected to improveme the device's performance, multi-touch navigation and enable users to edit the activity list for provide better privacy, reports Apple Insider.