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AMD To Introduce New Ultrabook-rival Platform At CES?

AMD may choose to roll out a new rival to Intel's Ultrabook platform at CES in Las Vegas in January, according to a report that has emerged from Brian Slattery of AMD Australia (via the Australian).

Unlike Intel, AMD will reportedly give more freedom to manufacturers, allowing them to "do what they want with them" according to Slattery, referring to the APU and the GPU.

He also confirmed that Apple had a MacBook Air running on an AMD platform but gave up on the idea, choosing instead an Intel processor.

AMD will likely bring an updated Brazos 2.0 platform to the market with a refreshed Zacate APU and a Radeon HD 7000 Series GPU.

One may wonder whether it is not too little too late. But to AMD's credit, the fact that they will give design freedom to ODM and OEMs could well spawn some very interesting designs as well as much cheaper entry points for ultra thin laptops.

AMD missed the netbook and tablet boat altogether, but if Intel's demanding Ultrabook specifications ply too much pressure on the margins of Taiwanese vendors, then at the very least, they can use the threat of moving to AMD to bring down Intel's bill of material.

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