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AMNews: Apple iPad 3, Siri for Mac, Top iPad & iPhone App 2011: Angry Birds, eBook Price Fixing

The US Department of Justice has announced that it has started an anti-trust probe against Apple and its partners for allegedly fixing the prices of ebooks. The announcement comes as the European Union revealed that it is investigating the same matter.

The third day of Google's celebration for 10 billion app downloads milestone achieved by Android Market includes 10 more premium apps for 10 cents. The company, to mark the important milestone, announced that for 10 days, select premium apps available on the Android Market will be offered for 10 cents.

If you are looking forward to the release of the next generation iPad and you've set your reminder for sometime in March, you might be a little late. Apple will be introducing its new tablet earlier than everybody expected according to a research note from Citi, which claims "several sources" have indicated the next iPad will arrive in February.

'Rewind' is a compilation of charts Apple relesases annually at about this time, letting everyone know its best performers of the year in various categories, including: music, movies, TV shows, podcasts and apps. Rovio's insanely popular app, Angry Birds, has wiped the floor with the opposition in the apps category, for both iPad and iPhone.

Apple's breakthrough voice recognition user interface for the iPhone 4S is already being perceived as a game changer, and it would appear Apple is not going to stop there, as the company looks at including the Siri assistant across its range of devices.