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Anonymous, A Year in Review

In quite a lengthy seven minute plus video, Anonymous has looked back on 2011 and the activities of the hacktivist group - as well as hinting at further action with the moniker LulzXmas.

The video begins with the traditional over the top, ominous music and blackened screen with the words and written phrasing of the group "we will not forget" coming before the video properly begins. When it does, the first few minutes are dominated by a music video of clips involving public protest and the action of Anonymous and its oft partners in crime, Lulzsec.

"Epic year wasn't it?" the video reads once the clips have ended. "And it was just the beginning. Please fasten your seat belts for this LulzXmas." What exactly is LulzXmas? Unfortunately there just isn't much in the way of details, as the final few minutes of video are dominated by a Charlie Chaplin speech. It focuses on decrying governments that don't listen to people, politicians that break promises and dictators that enslave their people.

Reaching out from the past, Mr Chaplin - accompanied with stirring music - asks soldiers to side with the people and fight corruption. He appeals to the human spirit, saying kindness is more important than intelligence, that humanity is the greatest gift we have and that all scientific advancement should bring about increased happiness for every man.

The speech is taken from the Chaplin classic, The Great Dictator, a movie designed to lampoon and denounce the actions of the Nazi party and its illustrious leader Adolf Hitler - who the great comedian labels "Machine men, with machine minds and machine hearts." This lengthy clip hints that similar feelings are felt about modern day politicians, which growing protest around the world seems to suggest is a relatively popular opinion.

Following this up, the video fades in a quote from Thomas Jefferson: "A government afraid of its citizens is a Democracy. Citizens afraid of their government is tyranny." To cap everything off, it ends with the simple phrase "Prepare yourself for 2012."

The video was tweeted by @YourAnonNews, who also said "We made a list, checked it twice. Gonna find out what companies have been naughty...not nice."

Whether it'll be next year before the "anonymous" members of the group begin the next stage of their activities, or whether LulzXmas will bring about some news worthy antics is up in the air. Either way, it should be interesting to see what happens.

The most recently announced activity from the hacktivists was a joint effort between Anonymous and TeaMp0isoN, claiming that "Operation Robin Hood" would see them taking money from the one per cent and redistributing it to the 99 per cent. Since the original video - featuring clips from V for Vendetta and Kevin Costner in Robin Hood: Prince of thieves - nothing much has been said about it, though TeaMp0isoN has recently posted some stolen United Nations documents.

Here's the LulzXmas video in full: monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.