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Apple, Digitude Innovations Seal Controversial Patent Deal

Apple has struck a controversial patent deal with Digitude Innovations, enabling the patent troll to go after major smartphone manufacturers such as Samsung, HTC, Motorola, Nokia and RIM.

A TechCrunch report reveals that Apple has sold two of its patents to Digitude, which is known for suing big technology firms for royalty. The two patents are being used by Digitude to file a patent infringement lawsuit against Amazon, HTC, LG, Nokia, RIM, Samsung, and Sony.

According to c|net, Digitude had announced back in April of a deal, which it had managed to sign with one of the world's largest consumer electronics maker but had failed to mention the name. But, now it seems that the deal would have been with Apple.

No one is sure why Apple chose to sign a deal with a patent troll. One possibility is that Digitude might have approached Apple for patent royalties and Apple sold the two patents just to pacify it.

Another more sinister explanation is that Apple is using Digitude to go after its competition. The patent transfer was allegedly made using a company called Cliff Island, which seems to be exists only on paper.