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Apple Files for Kinect-like 3D Input Patent

Apple has filed a patent application for a technology which will allow users to control to future Macs with hand gestures in a three dimensional spaces.

According to Apple Insider, the patent, titled "Three-Dimensional Imaging and Display System" describes a technology similar to Microsoft's Kinect, which revolutionised how people played games.

In the patent, Apple explains that the technology will be able to optically detect users' hands and fingertips and keep a track of their movements, allowing them to navigate the Mac using only their hands without having to use keyboard and mouse.

Apple claims that keyboard and mouse comprise a two dimensional interaction between the Mac and users, saying that these input methods would be of no use in a three dimensional environment.

"A need thus remains for uncomplicated, economical, yet highly effective 3D input devices for computers. Such devices need to be able to detect, analyze, and measure objects located in a 3D volume, and to observe and track any motions thereof," Apple writes in the patent application.

"The devices should therefore be well suited and designed compatibly for use with 3D graphically intensive activities," the application read.