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Apple, HTC Lawsuit Decision Coming This Week?

Few smartphones powered by Google's Android operating system, which allegedly copies Apple's iPhones are heading towards its first judgement day in United States, commented Apple.

On Wednesday, the International Trade Commission in Washington might be issuing important rulings regarding whether some smartphones manufactured by HTC are infringing patents rights of Apple or not.

According to Nielsen, a research firm, if the ruling is in favour of Cupertino based iPhone maker then some Android run smartphones made by this Taiwanese company might be banned from selling in US. HTC is the number 3 smartphone provider in the country, reported The Wall Street Journal.

HTC is not the only company standing in this uncomfortable position. Apple has also roped in many other Android device makers such as Motorola Mobility Holdings Inc. and also Samsung Electronics Co.

The claims made by Apple are based on their belief that Android based smartphones, their main competitor, are offering many features which were made popular by Apple's iPad tablet and iPhone thereby violating their patent rights.

Apple is of the opinion that that "competitors should create their own original technology, not steal ours." HTC has decided not to comment anything on the issue.