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BT's Plans to Extend Superfast Broadband Service to Scotland and UK

BT has announced it will be adding 178 additional exchanges in Scotland and in the UK, expanding its broadband roll out plans.

The new project, which starts in 2012, will bring the company's FTTP and FTTC networks to new exchanges in Scotland and the UK, CIO reports.

The company said that under the new project, BT would extend its super-fast broadband services in 34 exchanges in Scotland, including Aberdeen, Dundee, Edinburgh and Glasgow, bringing super-fast broadband to 277,000 businesses and households in Scotland.

"Superfast broadband will be welcomed by families throughout these 34 areas because it will help improve their quality of life and leisure and open new doors through online learning and fast access to information and services. And it's also going to provide a huge fillip (stimulus) for businesses," said director of BT Scotland, Brendan Dick.

"At a stroke, small and medium-sized firms will have access to big-business speeds at much lower costs, allowing them to find new markets, boost their competitiveness and create new jobs," he added.

The remaining exchanges are spread across the UK in the South East and the Midlands, bringing super-fast broadband to 1.8 million households and businesses.