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Google Execs To Fund NASA Hanger Restoration?

Google's top three executives have offered to donate $33 million of their money to restore NASA's Hanger One.

Google CEO Larry Page and his fellow co-founder Sergey Brin along with former CEO and executive chairman Eric Schmidt have proposed that they will pay the full cost of the refurbishing of the hanger and in turn, they will use two-thirds of the space to house their eight private jets, Mercury News reports.

Hangar One, located on Nasa's Moffett Field, was built back in 1993 to house the gigantic USS Macon airship. The hanger is one of the largest structures in the world, with a height of 198 feet and covering an area of 8 acres.

H211, which manages the 8 private jets owned by Brin, Page and Schmidt, made the proposal in September and is yet to hear back from Nasa, which owns both the airfield and the massive hanger.

"We understand the interest and historic nature of the facility and we have to weigh that against the reality of constrained resources and use. We are giving all options thoughtful consideration as we prepare our funding proposal for the Fiscal Year 2013 budge," Nasa said in a statement.