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Google Maps Goof up Exposes US Secret Military Base

Google ignited national security fears after its Maps service uploaded a satellite image of a secret airstrip, used to test spy plans, in Yucca Lake, Nevada.

Using Google Maps mapping service, anyone can search for US military bases and zoom in on possibly secret military installations.

The new Google Maps image shows a hidden airstrip in Yucca Lake, Nevada used to test unmanned drones, along with a photograph of what looks like a parked spy plane similar to the one taken down and captured by Iran after its control system was hacked.

The US government must have surely banned Google from clicking photographs of its military installations; therefore the published images must have been a mistake rather than an intentional move.

"Iranians would be most interested in operational bases because that tells them how we fly our surveillance missions," Cedric Leighton, a retired Air Force colonel told Fox News.

"Google is making public what was once the sole province of the military and intelligence community, making this a brave new world for the intel agencies as well," he added.

Leighton claimed that the plan that can be seen in the image is a Predator or Reaper drone, used for spy missions.