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Google+ Rolls Out 'Find My Face' as an Opt-in

By following the lessons learned from initial privacy pitfalls of Facebook, Google since the very beginning has been working hard to set up privacy at the initial level of Google+. Thus, on Thursday when this comparatively new social networking site introduced the latest photo-tagging feature, namely "Find My Face", it was very natural that Google introduces it as an opt-in feature.

"Find My Face" is somewhat similar to the "Tag Suggestions" facial-recognition program of Facebook. Facebook automatically scanned images uploaded onto the social network and recognises the persons in the image. However, this feature came under fire from the users as "Tag Suggestions" was activated by default.

Facebook's feature was more of an imposition rather than an option or suggestion. On the other hand, the latest Google+ is an offering and not a compulsory imposition. The users of Google+ have the liberty to either accept or reject the tags.

Google+ photo engineer Matt Steiner stated in a post in his network profile that the new feature will cover all the user's profiles during the next few days to come and through the Google+ settings they can control the "Find My Face" feature the way they want, reported The Washington Post.