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Images Leak of AMD's Upcoming Radeon HD 7900 Reference Design

The first images of AMD's upcoming Radeon HD 7900 reference design, also known under the GPU's codename of Tahiti, have leaked out ahead of launch, revealing a 384-bit memory bus and a possible 1.5GB of high-speed graphics RAM.

The Radeon HD 7900 is AMD's top-end graphics card, expected to launch early next year as the company continues its ongoing battle with rival Nvidia for the lucrative enthusiast market.

Earlier rumours have indicated that the Radeon HD 7900 would include a 384-bit memory bus with support for up to 1.5GB of RAM, with a supposed dual-GPU model of the graphics card expected to launch later next year carrying an overall total of 3GB of graphics memory.

AMD, for its part, is keeping things under wraps, refusing to confirm or deny numerous rumours regarding its graphics roadmap. That hasn't stopped details leaking out, however.

Enthusiast site VR-Zone has obtained images from an unknown source representing AMD's reference design, around which the intial Radeon HD 7900 boards are likely to be based.

Sadly, full details regarding the device are not yet available - but with many of the rumours confirmed and hints of a thermal design profile (TDP) of somewhere between 150W and 225W for the pictured board, AMD fans will be eager to see what the company unveils early next year. monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.