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Late News: Skyrim Aces UK Sales Chart, Nokia Lumia 900, Toshiba Excite, Google Maps Expose US Secret Base

Modern Warfare 3 has dropped to second place on the UK game sales charts, topped by the dragon slaying, open world RPG Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Taking pole position means that some other poor sot has lost its crown and that's the king of FPS shooters, Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 which now slips to second - with third place holder Just Dance 3 hot on its heels.

Nokia's Lumia series might have only just been released, but one blogger claims to have his hands on the next big thing to come out of the Finnish company: the Nokia 900. While as-yet unannounced, it's known that Nokia is working on a new flagship phone designed to sit above its existing Lumia 800 as the go-to choice for smartphone buyers looking to dip their toes in the Windows Phone waters.

Toshiba's latest Excite tablet is expected to hit the market sometime around February next year. Company's Canadian website has Excite's product page where the new tablet has been promoted as a gift for holiday despite the fact that it will be reaching in the month of February 2012.

Apple has filed a patent application for a technology which will allow users to control to future Macs with hand gestures in a three dimensional spaces. The patent, titled "Three-Dimensional Imaging and Display System" describes a technology similar to Microsoft's Kinect, which revolutionised how people played games.

Google ignited national security fears after its Maps service uploaded a satellite image of a secret airstrip, used to test spy plans, in Yucca Lake, Nevada. Using Google Maps mapping service, anyone can search for US military bases and zoom in on possibly secret military installations.