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Microsoft Announces, Create Interactive Excel Mashups Online

Software giant Microsoft has launched a new platform that allows users to embed interactive Excel spreadsheets on web pages. will allows users to paste interactive data sheets or spreadsheets created using Microsoft Excel as web based apps on websites.

Users would require a SkyDrive account, Microsoft's cloud based storage service, which will be used to store ‘workbooks'. Developers can then use the JavaScript API to create data mash-ups, which can then be embedded on a web page.

"Just using the Excel Services JavaScript API, a workbook stored on a public SkyDrive folder, and standard web technologies, you can create some really powerful apps that run in the browser," the company said in a blog post.

"The web site is a one-stop-shop for learning about how to get started developing rich, interactive mashups on your web site quickly using Excel Web App and the power of Excel formulas for calculation, Microsoft claimed.

Microsoft said that the website came with a Get Started tab which allowed users to start creating data mash-ups in minutes. The website also comes with several tabs that let users understand the technology better, interact with the Excel community and get help if stuck.