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Microsoft Outs Silverlight Version 5

Microsoft has dished out version 5 of its Silverlight web technology without much fanfare, giving rise to rumours that it might be the last major upgrade the platform receives.

According to ZDNet, the company has informed that it is going to support Silverlight 5 till 2021. The company is yet to reveal what it has in store for Silverlight or when the next version is going to be released.

Microsoft said in a blog post that the updates made to the platform were based on customer suggestions.

The Silverlight 5 plug-in download is less than 7MB and takes mere seconds to download and install, the company said. Silverlight is Microsoft's answer to HTML 5 and Adobe Flash and is used by developers to make web applications for web browsers.

"New features in Silverlight 5 include Hardware Decode of H.264 media, which provides a significant performance improvement with decoding of unprotected content using the GPU; Postscript Vector Printing to improve output quality and file size; and an improved graphics stack with 3D support that uses the XNA API on the Windows platform to gain low-level access to the GPU for drawing vertex shaders and low-level 3D primitives," the company wrote on the post.