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Motorola Razr review

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The screen is a high spot

The Razr is Motorola's new flagship Android smartphone. Anyone with a long memory will recall that the original Razr was a hot seller which helped establish Motorola as a top flight phone maker. Motorola has had its low spots since, but with the new Razr the company has pushed the boat out.

The Razr has a giant screen at 4.3 inches and its 540 x 960 pixel resolution and Super AMOLED technology are real plus points as it is sharp and vibrant. We enjoyed video watching, looking at photos and web browsing particularly. However the chassis is a little oversized, particularly at the top and bottom edges, which makes the Razr quite large for the pocket and it was impossible for us to reach across the screen to use the phone one handed.

Slightly bulging

Motorola has made a thing about how thin the Razr is, and indeed at just 7.1mm it is stunning in this respect. But that measurement ignores the outward bulge on the backplate at the top end, where the 8 megapixel, 1080p camera lens sits. If you hold the Razr towards its lower edge the bulge can make the handset feel a bit top heavy.

And of course, it detracts from that ultra thin profile too. Another significant annoyance for us is that the Razr needs a micro SIM. If you've more than one phone and are a fan of swapping SIMs between them, this could well be a deal breaker.

You can't take the backplate off to get to the 1750mAh battery, and the SIM card slot is on the left edge of the chassis next to a microSD card slot. A generous 8GB of internal memory was in our review sample. The dual core 1.2GHz processor is a big plus point as it ensure a good turn of speed.

Motorola RAZR Dyn R 2 Home Int

Beyond the phone

Motorola has enabled the Razr with HDMI and the connector is on the top edge of the chassis along with a microUSB connector and the 3.5mm headset port. The music player incorporates internet radio, DLNA file sharing and podcasts support, though it doesn't offer as many connected services as the Connected Music Player on other Motorola handsets such as the Defy+.


The Motorla Razr is an irritating smartphone. It has a large, high quality screen, but the chassis seems oversized. It is thin, but there's a bubble at the upper edge. The use of a microSIM irritated us too, as we swap SIMs a lot.

Pros: Great screen; thin and light; fast; plenty of memory.

Cons: Over tall chassis; microSIM.

Score: 8/10

Manufacturer: Motorola

Price: £454.80