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No Worries for Sharp Despite Rumours Apple May Enter the HDTV Market

Sharp claims it is not worried about Apple launching a new HDTV device as it nears a one million big screen sales figure in North America.

Kozo Takahashi, head of Sharp's North and South America businesses, said during a press conference that Sharp won't be affected even if Apple decides to jump into the TV market.

His statement comes as the company is on the verge of selling one million big screen TVs in the North American market. This is a huge milestone for any company.

Recently, a group of Wall Street analysts claimed the company was planning to release an Apple TV enabled Mac and a full-blown HDTV with Apple TV integrated, as reported by

"I really have no idea what kind of TV it will be. But if he (Jobs) came up with it, I'm sure it will be amazing. When we see it, we may well be caught by surprise, but currently it's not something we're studying very hard," said Takahashi during a press conference, IDG News reported.

The executive claimed the main reason Sharp is not so concerned about Apple's HDTV plans is because Americans care less about technology than the Japanese.