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Nokia's latest Windows Phone 7 Lumia 710 mobile phone now shipping for 270 Euros

Finnish handset manufacturer Nokia has announced that their second ever mobile running the Microsoft Windows Phone 7 OS is now being sold, with the Nokia 710 initially arriving in Taiwan, before shipping elsewhere in the world.

The Nokia 710 was announced at Nokia World in October, as a more budget friendly version of the flagship Lumia 800 device and with a lower set of specifications.

The Finnish phone company has stated that after Taiwan, the 710 will be available within seven days in Singapore, Hong Kong, India and Russia - where the mobile's global roll-out will continue over the next coming weeks.

Nokia's Lumia 710 has the same single core 1.4GHz processor as the high-end Lumia 800 mobile phone, only with half the memory at 8GB and a 5 megapixel camera, instead of 8.

This WP7 device also has the same 3.7-inch screen size as the 800, minus the AMOLED display which has been replaced by a TFT LCD variant to keep the costs low - whilst aiming at a different market altogether, with removable customisable back covers.

ITProPortal reported last week that the on-line handset reseller has unveiled that the Lumia 710 will be arriving with them on January 6th here, although Nokia has yet to confirm if this is the actually shipping date for the UK audience.

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