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Noon News: Xbox Live TV Service, Apple-HTC Lawsuit, Google+ Find My Face, AMD's Intel Ultrabook Rival

Microsoft is looking for a TV executive to help develop original programmes for its Xbox Live TV service. Citing people with the knowledge of the matter, Bloomberg reported that the company has hired Tom Schneider, a partner at Stratis LLC to look for the TV executive.

Few smartphones powered by Google's Android operating system, which allegedly copies Apple's iPhones are heading towards its first judgement day in United States, commented Apple. On Wednesday, the International Trade Commission in Washington might be issuing important rulings regarding whether some smartphones manufactured by HTC are infringing patents rights of Apple or not.

By following the lessons learned from initial privacy pitfalls of Facebook, Google since the very beginning has been working hard to set up privacy at the initial level of Google+. Thus, on Thursday when this comparatively new social networking site introduced the latest photo-tagging feature, namely "Find My Face", it was very natural that Google introduces it as an opt-in feature.

AMD may choose to roll out a new rival to Intel's Ultrabook platform at CES in Las Vegas in January, according to a report that has emerged from Brian Slattery of AMD Australia (via the Australian). Unlike Intel, AMD will reportedly give more freedom to manufacturers, allowing them to "do what they want with them" according to Slattery, referring to the APU and the GPU.

In a draft summary of results of a US government test, it was revealed that LightSquared Inc. wireless service promoted by Philip Falcone has interfered in around 75 percent of global-positioning system receivers.