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'Olive' Shot Entirely Using Nokia N8 Symbian Smartphone

The first movie in the world to be shot using a smartphone camera will be soon released.

US director Hooman Khalili shot ‘Olive' using the 14 mega-pixel camera available with the Nokia N8 Symbian based smartphone.

The movie stars Oscar nominated actress Gena Rowlands. It is the story of how a little girl changes the lives of three people. The movie has been made independently of a movie studio and funded by Chris Kelly, former Facebook privacy chief who provided $500,000 to Khalili.

'Olive' will be released in about 2,000 screens in the United States during Oscar season, which typically starts in late January/early February.

According to the Daily Mail, the device was fitted with a special 35 mm lens adapter; the director had to disable the autofocus and autozoom functions in the smartphone's camera.

"The financing of Olive was done independently of any corporation. The goal now is to be the first film to not only be shot on a cell phone, but to also be the first independently financed feature film on more than 2,000 screens across the United States without the backing of a major studio," the movie's official website states.