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Quantum Dot Based Roll-out TVs Coming Soon?

A new research in the field of display technology, dubbed Quantum Dot (QD), would probably make it possible to roll up your TV and put it in the pocket of your jacket.

British scientists have developed the QD technology and this may be utilised to manufacture ultra-thin televisions. Even though companies like Samsung Electronics is working on bendable OLED screens, the QD screen is expected to be more bendy and thinner.

Scientists from Nanoco, Manchester are at present working in collaboration with Asian electronic companies and if all goes in accordance with the plans, the very first television through the use of this technology will hit the market towards the end of next year, reported Daily Mail.

The flexible screen, on the other hand, will take a bit long and can be expected in around next three years.

It hasn't been made clear as to which Asian company is involved in this project but, according to popular belief Sony, Samsung, Sharp and LG all are engaged in this Quantum Dot technology.

Chief executive of Nanoco stated, "The real advantage provided by quantum dots, however, is that they can be printed on to a plastic sheet that can be rolled up."