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Windows Phone Equipped with NFC Already?

Word is on the street that Microsoft might have a hidden thing or two within its Windows Phone 7.5 mobile operating system and one of them being Near Field Communication (NFC) capabilities.

In an interview with Tech Radar, Will Coleman, product manager at Microsoft UK said, "As far as I'm aware, NFC is supported by [Windows Phone], but needs to be enabled by the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer). So, if any OEM wants to enable it, that can be done by all means."

"Think it's about just about timing, in the not too distant future there are some exciting things that will be coming through with NFC from Microsoft." he added.

This comes as a complete surprise as Andy Lees had earlier revealed that NFC-enabled Windows Phone devices will ship within the next year. Andy, emphasising the differentiator between Windows Phone handsets and other phones, commented that handset makers using the Windows Phone platform will be able to differentiate themselves with NFC, among other hardware and software features.

We don't know for sure whom to believe with two totally different statements coming from two executives from Microsoft but, if Microsoft has put in NFC capabilities in Windows Phone 7.5 it would be definitely a big boost for Microsoft fans.