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Apple Chops Prices of Refurbished iPad 2 Tablets

With the holiday season upon us, and perhaps under pressure from new, cheaper rivals, Apple has slashed the prices of its refurbished iPad 2 units. Apple's new consumer-friendly price tags, came into effect quietly on Friday, as Apple Insider reports.

The prices for the refurbished models of the iPad 2 decreased by up to $50 making them now $80 to $100 cheaper than the respective new models. The 32GB Wi-Fi version of iPad 2, is now priced at $499, while the 64GB Wi-Fi model is available for $599.

There are also discounts for refurbished iPad 2 tablets with 3G capabilities. The modest version with 16 GB storage space is now available for $549, which represents a 12% or $80 discount from the new price.

For the higher end models the savings increase even more.

The 32GB 3G version now has a price tag of $629, while 64GB can be bought for $729, each constituting a $100 saving.

The refurbished iPads have either been returned to the store or couldn't be sold due to minor defects, though an Apple has team 'fixed' them and offers them in perfect functional condition. The refurbished iPads are tested, certified and come with a one year guarantee, not to mention a new battery and an outer shell.

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