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Apple's Macbook Continues to Dominate Ultrabook Marketplace, According to J.P. Morgan

A new report by J. P. Morgan states that despite the debut of a number of ultra-thin notebooks, Apple's MacBook will still "remain the dominant player" in the market.

On Monday, in a note to investors, Mark Moskowitz, an analyt at J. P. Morgan said that Apple's MacBook Air, which is a super thin and super light laptop, is a hit among customers. This momentum "is sustainable and likely has upside potential," as reported by the Los Angeles Times.

Many leading companies are all set to launch their ultrabooks in next couple of weeks. Sony, Acer, and HP are some of the big names launching their light weight laptops soon. But, according to Moskowitz, the ultrabooks are not "competitive threats" to Apple.

Pricing is a big factor that determines the popularity and success of any device. MacBook Air cannot be called a cheap device with a price range $999 to $1,599, according to configuration and model.

According to Moskowitz, however, form, features and early launches have helped increase demand and popularity for the device. In the coming year, these conditions may continue to work for the product and the company, as reported by CNET.