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Bronze Statue of Steve Jobs to be Erected in Budapest

Budapest based software maker Graphisoft is going to erect a Bronze statue of the late Apple co-founder and former CEO, Steve Jobs.

Jobs, known for his fascination with glass and aluminium, will be immortalised with a bronze statue by the company which has long been an Apple partner and was supported by Steve Jobs in its early years.

The statue has been created by Hungary based sculptor Erno Toth. The bronze Steve Jobs is sex feet five inches in height and weighs around 485 pounds.

Declaring Steve Jobs the ‘greatest hero of the information age', the company said in a press release that it has planned to erect his statue in Graphisoft Park on December 21.

The company credited the success of its ArchiCAD software to Jobs, who saw the software demo at the CEBIT exhibit in Hannover in 1984 and decided to include it in Apple's Lisa computer, the not-so-successful predecessor to the Macintosh.

"Apple gave us cash and computers at a time when Graphisoft was a young company with very limited resources; the technology represented by those computers was not even available in our part of the world," the company said in a statement.

"Even more valuable, Apple introduced us to its worldwide distribution network, which we rely upon to this day," it added.