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Bug Disables Messaging System in Windows Phones

A flaw affecting devices running Windows Phone 7.5 allows hackers to disable the messaging hub of the smartphone.

According to a tip received by WinRumors, Windows Phone is vulnerable to a Denial of Service attack which ends up disabling its messaging system.

The attack takes place when a user receives a text messages or a chat message on Facebook or Windows Messenger.

WinRumors reported that after the attack takes place, the device automatically restarts and users are then unable to open the messaging hub. The website claimed to have tested the attack on several Windows Phone device including HTC Titan and Samsung Focus.

"The attack is not device specific and appears to be an issue with the way the Windows Phone messaging hub handles messages," WinRumors reported. Also, if user has pinned a friend's profile to Live Tiles and receives the dubious message from that friend, the phone locks down when the tile automatically updates itself.

There is no work around available for the flaw but, users should be able to get their phone's messaging hub back by hard-resetting the device and wiping it clean (a factory reset).

The bug was discovered by Khaled Salameh, who, along with WinRumors, is planning to privately disclose the flaw to Microsoft.