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Deadline for IBM Smarter Cities Challenge Rapidly Approaching

Those in the UK have only week to apply for the IBM Smarter Cities Challenge to get free IT consultancy from IBM for their cities in 2012.

The company had announced a £32 million grant programme under which it would offer its IT consultancy expertise to 100 cities around the world. IBM said that it would provide free access to its consultants and Smart City technology to the participating cities, which each recipient city getting almost £250,000 in expertise and technology.

According to an article on Public Technology, the applications deadline for 2012 grant recipients is Friday, December 16th.

"Our Smarter Cities work is about looking at data and trends to make better decisions about the challenges that cities are currently facing. I'm sure there are some extremely worthwhile projects in the UK where we can make a real difference," said IBM Corporate Citizenship Manager, Mark Wakefield.

In 2011, Glasgow became the first city in the UK to receive the Smarter Cities grant. The grant allowed the Glasgow City Council to initiate a £ 1million project to reduce fuel shortages in the city.