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False Rumours Lead to Empty ATMs at Swedbank Branches in Lativa

Swedbank, based in Stockholm, Announced on Monday that its Latvia branches were attacked by various "unfounded rumours" which led to long queues outside the bank's ATMs. Queues were comprised of customers who wanted to withdraw all their money, resulting in some empty ATMs.

Apparently, rumours regarding the bank were spread using Twitter and other social networking sites. Rumours such as "Swedbank's ATMs in Sweden were closed, that Swedbank is about to leave Latvia and that Swedbank's Latvian CEO had been arrested" were posted. However, none of these rumours were true.

The bank currently has 224 branches in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. In an official statement, the bank said they have "co-operated with law enforcement agencies in Latvia to identify those who have started the rumours, as spreading these kinds of rumours is considered a criminal offense in Latvia," as reported by The Street.

On Monday, the bank stated they were working to refill the ATMs and will continue to do so until Monday evening, so hopefully by Tuesday morning the ATMs will be filled.

The sources and reasons behind the rumours are not yet clear.