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Day 7 of Google 10-Day 10 Billion App Downloads Celebration; Premium Apps for 10 Cents

Google has posted ten more premium apps available for 10 cents from the Android Market on the 7th day of its 10 billion app downloads milestone celebrations.

The new apps include: Doodle Jump, When I Get Bigger, Beautiful Widgets, Flick Soccer!, SUPER KO BOXING! 2, Blow Up, Block Breaker 3 Unlimited HD, SoundHound, Flight Control and Roll in the Hole.

All of these premium apps are available for download at a special price of 10 cents. Three more days remain until the milestone celebrations close down.

Android Market, only a few years after its launch, has managed to surpass the 10 billion app downloads mark. At the time of the announcement, Google had said that users were downloading 1 billion apps from the Android Market.

Despite the popularity that Android and Android Market have enjoyed, there is a darker side to its success. Due to the open nature of the platform and the lack of a substantial app approval process, the platform has been targeted by malicious apps, developed by hackers looking to exploit its popularity.

The security on Android Market has become tighter over the past few months, but hackers are using third party Android app stores to spread malware.